Global Variome (GV) is an international consortium of scientists and health-care professionals who are working towards a significant reduction in the burden of genetic disease on the world’s populations. GV is a not-for-profit based in the United Kingdom that was founded in 2016 to provide support services to the international coordination work of the Human Variome Project. GV took over these functions from the previous entity, Human Variome Project International Limited, in 2016.

The Human Variome Project, now Global Variome, provides a central coordinating function for national and international efforts to integrate the collection, curation, interpretation, and sharing of information on variation in the human genome into routine clinical practice and research. We are an active and growing Consortium of over 1,100 individual researchers, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and organisations from 81 countries that collaborate to develop and maintain the necessary standards, systems and infrastructure to support global-scale genomic knowledge sharing.

HUGO works closely with Global Variome on a number of projects and initiatives, including joint annual meetings. The most notable of these projects is the joint HGVS/HVP/HUGO Sequence Variant Description Committee. The three organisations have formed a collaborative group (Sequence Variant Nomenclature Working Group (SVD-WG)) to update and maintain the internationally accepted HGVS sequence variant nomenclature. HUGO holds a position in the Sequence Variant Nomenclature Working Group (SVD-WG).

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