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HUGO African Prize Recipient 2017

HUGO African Prize (2017)
Award sponsored by Inqaba Biotechical Industries.

Samia Temtamy, Egypt
National Research Center Egypt

In 1966, Dr. Samia Temtamy finished her Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University, USA, in Human Genetics as the first specialized geneticist in Egypt and established the specialty of Human genetics at the National Research Centre (NRC). She published her famous book, The Genetics of Hand Malformations, with Dr. Victor McKusick, in 1978.

After that, Dr. Samia Temtamy established the Human Genetics and Genome Research Division at the National Research Centre until it became the main unit dealing with genetic diseases in Egypt. Today people from all Egyptian governorates and neighboring middle east countries seek diagnosis, treatment, and medical advice at the Center.

Dr. Samia Temtamy also established the National Society of Human Genetics in Egypt in 2005 and Center of Excellence for Human Genetics (CEHG) at the National Research Center has been established in 2014 after implementation of the STDF (Science and Technology Development Fund) project, under the theme of Advances in the Diagnosis, Management, and Research of Genetic Diseases.

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