Mission Statements

  • To investigate the nature, structure, function and interaction of the genes, genomic elements and genomes of humans and relevant pathogenic and model organisms;
  • To characterise the nature, distribution and evolution of genetic variation in humans and other relevant organisms;
  • To study the relationship between genetic variation and the environment in the origins and characteristics of human populaitons and the causes, diagnoses, treatments and prevention of disease;
  • To foster the interaction, coordination, and dissemination of information, technology between investigators and the global society in genomics, proteomics, bioinfomatics, systems biology, and the clinical sciences by promoting quality education, comprehensive communication, and accurate, comprehensive, and accessible knowledge resources for genes, genomes and disease; and,
  • To sponsor factually-grounded dialogues on the social, legal, and ethical issues related to genetic and genomic information and championing the regionally-appropriate, ethical utilisation of this information for the good of the individual and the society.

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