HUGO Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative

The HUGO Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative is a collaborative effort to systematically collect, analyse and understand the genetics diversity of the Asian populations. Pan-Asian data will be made publicly available to worldwide scientific community for further studies on human evolution and medical applications. Visit their main page here.

Steering Committee Members

Shu Hua Xu, China
VInod Scaria, India
Sumio Sugano, Japan
Timothy Ravasi, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Jong Bhak, South Korea
Fahd Al-Mulla, Kuwait
Maude Phipps, Malaysia
Sameer Dixit, Nepal
Carmencita Padilla, Philippines
Poh San Lai, Singapore
Vajira Dissawayake, Sri Lanka
Chien-Hsiun Chen, Taiwan
Sissades Tongsima, Thailand
Yin Yao, USA

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