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Chen Award Recipient

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Chen Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement in Human Genetic and Genomic Research (2015)

Jun Wang, China
Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI)

Jun Wang is the Director of the BGI (previously known as the Beijing Genomics Institute). He was instrumental in the 1999 founding and the growth of the BGI Bioinformatics Department, which is now widely recognized as one of world’s premier research facilities committed to excellence in genome sciences. Dr. Wang also holds a position as an Ole Rømer professor at the University of Copenhagen. He has authored 200+ peer-reviewed original papers – of which 100+ are published in Cell, Nature (including Nature series), N Engl J Med., and Science (26 as cover story). He has been recognized with an award from His Royal Highness Prince Foundation, Nature’s 10 - the year in Science (2012); “Highly Cited Researchers (2013/2014)” “The Hottest Scientific Researchers of 2012” (by Thomson Reuters), “Rebels, leaders, innovators for the next 25 years” (by CNBC), “Fortune’s 40 under 40” from Fortune Magazine (2013), Lundbeck Talent Price, Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Outstanding Technical Talent, ZhouGuangZhao Award, TanJiaZeng Life Science Innovation Award, Top 10 Scientific Achievements In China, Major Award from Shenzhen Municipal Government, The first “TopSUN” Scientific Paper Award from Peking University, Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award from Fudan University, and Prize for Important Innovation and Contribution from Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on genomics and related bioinformatics analysis of complex diseases and agricultural crops, with the goal of developing applications using the genomic information.

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