What a remarkable Human Genome Meeting in Tel Aviv this was! We want to thank those of you who attended for joining us.

We will send you a link to all the photos from the meeting, as well as links to the recordings for those who registered, to ensure you can hear the talks you missed from the concurrent sessions, or if you were unable to attend. Congratulations to the poster prize winners: Lukasz S. Kaczmarczyk, Simon Fishilevich, Hagai Levi, Lior Ankol Redlich, Christina Canavati, Yael Shalev Ezra. Looking forward to meet you at future HUGO HGM meetings!  Karen Avraham (Tel Aviv)

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Human Genome Meeting

Human Genome Meeting (HGM) is a series of annual conferences organized by the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO). It started as a meeting dedicated for Human Genome Mapping. Over the years, with the completion of the Human Genome Project, HGM has evolved from a small targeted meeting into a scientific conference for all genetic and genomic researchers; an excellent platform for industry partners and bio-technology companies as well as pharmaceutical giants; and a fantastic reunion for fellow scientists and networking opportunity for established and young investigators.

Human Genome Meeting

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